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Fecha de creación: Dec. 12, 2019

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Do you want to change the world? At Cabify, that’s what we’re doing. We aim to make cities better places to live by improving mobility for the people living in them, connecting riders to drivers at the touch of a button. Maybe one day cities will be places where nobody needs a private car. But we’ve still got a long way to go...fancy joining us? Founded in 2011, we have become the first Spanish tech ‘unicorn’. Our HQ is in Madrid but you can currently find us in around 100 cities across Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Every month, new members join our world-class team of passionate, smart and talented individuals with a hunger to challenge the status quo. It’s been quite a ride so far, but in reality, our journey has only just begun. If we’re going to turn our vision into a reality, we’re going to need plenty more bright, ambitious people to join us! About the team: Cabify Data Team is part of the product team based in Madrid and include an eclectic bunch of awesome people. While cultivating sustainable 'smart cities' is gaining momentum, and it seems that everyone (and their brother) wants to be part of making this happen even if it is just by introducing 10 GPS bikes in their town, Cabify is one of the very few places where you can not only test and learn, but also implement great ideas that will inevitably impact how our cities will look in 20 years time. Particularly at Data Science Team you would be working with a very high performance set of teammates (currently 8 people, expected to grow to 13 in 2019) with access to all data within the organization. At Data Science we use a state-of-the-art infrastructure that allows us to dimension problems, build prototypes and run experiments at a very fast pace. We have already in place a world-class data architecture and infrastructure, both from production and analytics. We also have an exceptional Data Engineering team that provides the support and pipelines necessary to do real Data Science. Being mobility as service a very new field, you will find yourself making huge impacts because we often face problems no one ever faced before. Deciding how to charge for a ride, which car should pick up a certain passenger or how should we more wisely invest our growth effort are real-time decisions we have already proved we can make an impact (you can see by yourself exhibit 1, exhibit 2), and we are sure with amazing individuals such as you joining the team we will get them significantly better. If ride hailing was not enough of a challenge, Data Science Team is now also expected to significantly contribute to the hyper growth of MOVO, our electric motorbikes and kick-scooters brand. If you also love our cities to go greener, it is the perfect time to join us. Data at Cabify There are three things that we believe differentiate this offer at Cabify from most of the Data Science positions you see everywhere: We have already in place a world-class data architecture and infrastructure, both from production and analytics. We also have an exceptional Data Engineering team that provides the support and pipelines necessary to do real Data Science. We have a truly exceptional Data Science team. We come from all sorts of backgrounds: physics, software engineering, mathematics, industrial engineering, telecommunications, etc. and we hold ourselves to the most rigorous standards. Very high probability of making real impact on the world. Being mobility-as-a-service a very new industry and Cabify a company with global reach, the work we do is bound to have a massive and immediate impact. It’s part of what makes this place really attractive to work as a Data Scientist. As a Senior Data Scientist at Cabify you will be working with Cloud and BigData technologies in a fast-paced and dynamic environment to prototype and develop solid data driven solutions and derive meaningful and actionable insights for the whole business to use. As you can imagine this is an extremely exciting time for Cabify and the Data Science team, and people who join us now are guaranteed to have a huge impact in the business and the future of cities. Data Science team currently hosts 8 exceptional data wizards and we are looking for more people with “superpowers”. About the Role We’re looking for a great Data Scientist who brings a lot of experience in the three main branches of Data Science: statistical inference, machine learning and data analysis. You will be expected to have deep technical knowledge in those fields so we are looking for someone with a lot of expertise and experience in similar positions in fast-paced technological environments. Besides those, we highly value people with first-hand experience with deploying machine learning models into production with all its subtleties and considerations: deploying, training, testing, model degradation, model serving, etc. Requirements Strong knowledge or either R and python for data analysis (better if both) and data visualization libraries (ggplot, seaborn, plotly...) Strong educational background, e.g Degree in Computer Science, Physics, Engineering, Mathematics, Economics or equivalent experience Demonstrable experience using machine learning techniques and applying them in production environments A background in Probability & Statistics would be a bonus Experience publishing in peer reviewed scientific journals is a plus Experience with geo data modelling, analysis and viz is a plus, we LOVE maps, especially if they tell stories :) Experience/knowledge in behavioural economics is a plus Ability to work autonomously in an unstructured environment The good stuff We’re a company full of happy, motivated people and we never want that to change. Here are some more reasons why it rocks to be part of our family. Salary ranges for this role: 48K - 55K EUR + Stocks options Plan At Cabify we strongly believe highly committed, vision-aligned key roles must be long term invested in the company success, thus a significant portion of the compensation of roles such as this goes in the form of stock options. Remote days available upon agreement Flexible work environment & hours Regular fun team events Cabify staff discount Personal development programmes Flexible remuneration: Restaurant tickets, transport tickets, healthcare and childcare A pet room so you don’t have to leave your furry friend at home We offer relocation package to those coming from another country. All the gear you need - just bring yourself. And last but not fruits & coffee! Cabify is proud of being an equal opportunity workplace. We celebrate diversity and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees regardless of background, gender, religion, orientation, age or ability. Join us!

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